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Friday, 30 July 2010 01:17

The perfect golf swing is something that many golfers aspire to achieve.  It is the swing that golfers can spend vast amounts of time and money trying to attain.  However, to attain the perfect swing you require the perfect body - and the perfect body is something most golfers don't have.

The effects that daily living has on a golfer's body are progressive and insidious.  The way we posture and move ourselves on a daily basis can affect the ability for our bodies to work optimally in a golf swing.  Key muscle imbalances develop when we use our bodies poorly over the years.  Poor movement habits develop as we compensate for old injuries.  New injuries occur as we compensate for poor postures, poor movement habits and old injuries. And all these can manifest in your golf swing.  And you wonder why it's so hard to play golf?

The best and worst trait of the human body is its ability to adapt.  This adaptability may allow many of us to swing a golf club but it may also cause golfers to spend countless hours trying to make swing changes that just won't stick. So Golf Works was founded to optimize the human body for golf.

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  • I first met Trevor Montgomery in 2005 whilst in rehabilitation from lower back surgery.  At the time I was receiving treatment from one of NZ’s most respected Physiotherapists and although my prognosis was good, progress was not as rapid as I wanted...

    -Phil Tataurangi


  • I believe Trevor is a world class physiotherapist! I have played on 6 different professional golf tours around the world for over 12 years as a tournament player and have worked with a number of leading experts in the golf rehab area...

    -Marcus Wheelhouse


  • I have worked with Trevor for the past 8 years and he has provided me with second to none treatment whether traditional or alternative to get my body functioning as efficiently as possible for me to perform at my best...

    -Josh Carmichael, NZPGA Tour Professional


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